Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mi lernata Esperanto.

The title translates to "I am learning Esperanto." And really, that is what I've decided to do. I chose Esperanto as a focus over, say, Italian for a couple of reasons. First, Esperanto is a language that is said to be relatively easy to learn as a second language, and I plan on using the experience as a gateway to learning other languages. I eventually plan on becoming a polyglot, with Spanish, French, Italian, German, maybe Russian and maybe Mandarin Chinese on the docket.

I would also like to afd thst I have not forgoten my own conlang. I have one thing to say: "Iok hra'anh chrekete." This translates to <I (am) creating Hra'anh.> I have been working on translating dialogue from Solitude in recent days, and it has been quite the experience. I suppose that I should at some point get around to translating The North Wind and the Sun, which isn't too long of a text to tramslate, no matter what the folks at Conlangery say.

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