Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hra'anh: New Directions

Tizik bender.

No, I did not wish for you to go on a bender. That's how you say "buenos dias" in Hra'anh, and it's pronounced [ˈti.zik ˈbɛn.dɛɾ]. It literally means, "Good day to you." I thought that today I would talk about the new directions I'm planning on taking in the development of Hra'anh.

First of all, inspired by David J. Peterson, I'm going to be doing some diachronic historical linguistics to help make it more naturalistic. I'm not going to change the obviously early-stage borrowings from the Indo-European Sprachbund (most notably from the Romance family), but I am going to start creating some roots that I'm going to evolve. I've already got some related words: fetek (tail) is related to feteko (dignity) and fetekhuza (duty/responsibility). I'm going to contrive some reverse sound changes from modern Hra'anh to proto-Hra'anh. I'm also going to do some spelling reforms. This will enable me to branch Bosk'e, the Nomads' language's ancestor, off of the protolanguage.

Secondly, I'm going to start creating a traveler's kit. I'm going work on creating documents, in English, about how to visit Hra'anh as a tourist, including visa applications, a phrasebook, and more. This seems to be somewhat of a trend in conlanging, and it'll give me good practice in things like desktop publishing (grief, that's a dated term). I'm also going to work on doing fandubs and original dramas in Hra'anh, which will wind up being pretty much monologues or soliloquies unless I can get others to work with me in their creation. I'm also going to be doing lessons at some point, but I need to get an idea of what format I should do.

I've already got the script together for a fandub of a scene from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. It was all inspired by this thread on the CBB, which is one of the three big conlang-oriented gathering places (the others being the ZBB and the conlang listserv). The script is as follows:
Thele chreka ier ke lel'vakh za. Ier esi e pom shaloz, ier utho za, ih ier tekai maiat za. Ier chtena doke e iekol ahrem. Ier selema doke e khush ail. Shom ier siet chreka? Ishe ih ishe, iok siete'chrekoi hrusima. Esi siro ioz bun ier shasa, e shana taia horositoz chreka ier. Feri fetekhuza za doke zuthire zek ahrem.
I'll be recording it and trying to cobble together a dub using whatever software I can find. I'm still mad at Microsoft for gutting Windows Movie Maker a couple of years ago, and I don't know if they're going to put stuff back in, or if they already have. I'll have to look at it.

Until next time.

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